• Age 18
  • Height 5'3"
  • Weight 47
  • Eyes Brown
  • Hair Black/Brown
  • Cleavage NO
  • Bust 32
  • Waist 24
  • Hips 34
  • Travel NO
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  • 4,50,000 for 3 hrs (2 cups)
  • 5,50,000 for 5 hrs (3cups)
  • Not Available for Traveling
  • Only Available during Day & Early Evening

Radhika Rathore

Meet Radhika Rathore, the sensational teen model escort in Delhi who recently turned 18, radiating youthful charm and elegance. With a slim and petite frame, Radhika embodies unblemished cuteness that captivates anyone fortunate enough to lay eyes on her. Youthfulness seems to emanate effortlessly from her every pore.

Elite – Exclusive – Extraordinary: Tale of Finest Teen Model Escort in Delhi

Radhika is not just awesome to look at; she is the epitome of desire for men around the world who want an elite teen escort girl in Delhi. Her beauty transcends conventional standards, earning her the title of an absolute stunner. Every glance at Radhika is simply mind-blowing, redefining the essence of beauty itself.

In the realm of Delhi escorts, Radhika Rathore is a VIP sensation. Only available for the select few, she comes with a price tag that reflects her exclusivity. Radhika is not just a model escort; she is an experience, a rare and precious gem in the world of beauty and glamour. Her availability is a rarity, making each moment with her an extraordinary and coveted affair.

For those who seek the pinnacle of beauty and exclusivity, Radhika Rathore is the embodiment of those desires. As she graces the world of escort service and modelling with her presence, Radhika remains an enigma, a vision of unparalleled allure and charm, reserved only for the most discerning individuals finding the best escort girl in Delhi.









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